Typing and Formatting

“The dissertation was successfully submitted this morning. Thank you again for the brilliant formatting service you provided at such a critical time.  Your details will certainly be passed on to anyone I come across looking for similar support.”

–Janice Marshall, Personal Assistant to a Chief Executive Officer

Maggie Berney Office Services can help you to produce high quality documents that positively promote your company and your brand. Whether you’re looking at getting something typed from scratch or you just need your document tidied please contact us to discuss your requirements.

What sort of documents do you work with?

We have experience with a wide range of different types of documentation. Some of our previous work for clients includes:

  • Collating a 300+ page report with chapters written by multiple authors in various formats. Formatting the whole document to match the client’s brand and ensuring consistency throughout the entire document across four levels of sub-heading and paragraph numbering and multi-page tables.
  • Production of a regular quarterly report with input from various authors. Formatting the document to comply with client’s brand then printing, collating and posting hard copies.
  • Formatting of a Master’s dissertation and converting it into a PDF file ready for printing.
  • Production of a PowerPoint presentation from notes from a workshop session.
  • Copy typing of historical handwritten town charters into Word for publication on a local history website.
  • Copy typing of handwritten academic notebooks into Word to enable ease of cross-referencing and searching.

Can you check my documents for errors?

We are happy to proofread documents as part of the process of typing and formatting them. Please see our Proofreading and Editing page for details.