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Last week I had the misfortune to receive a VERY aggressive sales pitch from about why I should host my website with them. Unfortunately for Yell I have an allergic reaction to being sold to. I don’t buy any services without careful research, and the research for Yell is, shall we say, less than flattering.

However, there was one part of the pitch that did grab my attention – something Yell referred to as ‘Reputation Management’. This is their tool for collating and checking all your online reviews. Now, I don’t have many online reviews as I have a fairly small, select cadre of long-term clients. The reviews I do have tend to be on LinkedIn or on my Testimonials page. To collate all the online reviews Yell’s tool put together a list of all my entries on various free online directories and, in the process, highlighted a number of inconsistencies across the listings. These included outdated web addresses and a defunct phone number.

That was definitely helpful as it prompted me to go and update various free listings. However, interestingly, several of these listings were with sites that I had not signed up to but which had skimmed my details off the web regardless. These were sites I wouldn’t have known to check but which could still have an SEO effect. The list also included a whole host of directories where Maggie Berney Office Services wasn’t listed but it seemed to think we should be. I suspect, however, these sites are more for traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ businesses such as decorators or garages.

So, if you run a business I would definitely recommend taking advantage of Yell’s free ‘online reputation report’ at Use it to check all your online directory listings and, if relevant, get suggestions of other websites you should be listed on. Just don’t get into a sales conversation with Yell while you’re doing it.

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