Actually a better question would be “What does your business need a virtual assistant to do?” There are a lot of virtual assistants, or VAs around, and in my experience they’re a mutually supportive bunch of people who between them have a wealth of different skills. If you need any form of secretarial or admin support for your business then somewhere there’s a VA offering the services you need.

Help ButtonThink of all the routine and mundane jobs that have to be done but which usually get postponed because you’re concentrating on the more interesting aspects of your business. Or worse, think of the business leads you’re not following up because you’ve got to sort out your accounts in order to complete your VAT return. Chasing up outstanding invoices with clients isn’t the most effective use of your time either.

A virtual assistant can do all those things for you and more. Need to sort out a venue for a conference or meeting? No worries. Need someone to write and distribute your regular newsletter? Can do. Need to make some marketing phone calls? Sorted. Need to set up a Facebook business page and keep it engaging and interesting? Yes, that’s covered.

Each business is different and will have different requirements, but for all of them the answer to the question “What does a virtual assistant do?” will be the same: a virtual assistant supports your business, freeing you up to grow it.

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