How often have you lost potential clients because they’ve phoned and spoken to your answering machine? Or indeed not spoken to it and just hung up? How many times have you sat down to try and get an important piece of work done, only to be constantly interrupted by the phone ringing? How many unwanted sales calls do you get in an average week?

One solution is to work with a virtual assistant who offers a call handling service. This ensures that someone is always available to take your phone calls, whether you’re unavailable or just want some peace and quiet to concentrate. A VA can answer the phone in your company name and speak to the caller on your behalf. The details of the call can then be emailed to you for your attention or, depending on the nature of the call, it can be dealt with by your VA, especially if it involves salespeople.

Conversely there are the phone calls that you don’t want to or are unable to make. A virtual assistant can talk to your clients to arrange or cancel meetings on your behalf, to request payment for overdue invoices or to deal with requests for information.

If you have a substantial list of clients or contacts it’s also worth asking your Virtual Assistant to periodically phone round to check the details are still correct. If you’re sending out information to clients you want to make sure it’s actually getting to the right person.

By deciding what communication you want to undertake with your clients and leaving the rest to your capable virtual assistant you can work more efficiently and effectively.


photo credit: rfduck via photopin cc

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